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January 1, 2014


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‘Untitled (I have no title for this, sorry >.<)’


You sat down in a chair in front of a computer. You were producing a couple tracks to help Jason out with his newest song.

"Maybe you should make this set of beats a bit higher," Jason said, looking and listening to the piece of the track you just produced.

“Hmm..” You said, taking the couple bars and raising them in volume. You played the track and it sounded better than before, “Nice,” You said, smiling. Jason smiled back and looked back at the track.

“Hold on,” He said, pulling out his phone. He played the track from the beginning. You guessed that he was instagramming the track as a preview, like he always does.

After he was done, you both went back to working on the track.

“Hey Jason, maybe for the end of the song you should have the base track drop-” Jason was busy talking on his phone.

“Yea, I’ll get to work on that later,” He said into the phone, “It’s not really important, so, later.”

You loved working with Jason, the problem was that most of the time, he didn’t even appreciate your presence.

You turned back to the computer and started lowering the base so it'd drop.

After about 5 minutes, Jason got off of his phone and turned back to the computer, “So, what’d you do?” He asked, listening to the track.

“I lowered the base and I added a couple repeating bars.”

“Sounds great,” He said, smiling, “I think this is almost ready to be published. I hope the stars like it.”

“I know they’ll love it, they loved all of your other tracks.”

“Which you helped me with,” He said, “So, thanks, you really helped me after all this time.”

“It’s no big deal,” You whispered, “It’s fun anyways!”

“So, now we need a title for it.” He said, pretending to stroke a beard, which made you laugh.

“Hmm.. This is tougher than it was before. We used to be able to make up names pretty quickly.”

“Yeah,” He said, rubbing his temples.

“I’ll think about it overnight,” You said, standing up, pulling your backpack over your shoulders.

“Alright,” Jason said quietly, sighing, “It was great working with you again, Y/N.” He held out a hand, and you took it gladly, giving it a shake. You and Jason have been partners since Eclipse, but friends for even longer.

You let go of his hand, still holding a smile. You walked out the door and started making (YOUR WAY DOWNTOWN! WALKING FAST! IS THAT DAD? WALKING FASTER!)

your way to your house.

On the way, you kept thinking of different titles for the song.

‘Soler? Naw.. Maybe Forest? Ugh, that’s stupid. Hm..'

You were so deep in thought that you weren't focusing on your surroundings. Suddenly you blacked out.


You slowly opened your eyes, and bright whiteness. You saw an angel. 'I don't think angels wear nurse outfits.' You groaned in pain and realized you were in a hospital. You tried to sit up but the nurse rushed to you and gently laid you back down.

"Try not to move so much, Ms. L/N."

"What happened?" You asked, your voice cracking a bit.

"You were hit by a car," She started, "You fell into a coma not too long after the impact."

"How long was I out?"

"Well, according to the date, exactly a year."

Your eyes widened, "What? What about my family, my friends?"

The nurse walked over to the table next to you and picked up a stack of papers, "Well, your friend whose name he said was Jason wrote letters for you, a month after you went into a coma." She handed the papers to you and you smiled. You started reading the letters.


Dear Y/N,


It's been exactly a month since the incident. You don't have to worry about the guy who hit you. Turns out he was drunk and he was sent to jail for four years. Everyone's been devastated since they found out you were in a coma, even me. Everyone isn't the same without you. I hope you wake up soon.





You smiled to yourself and kept reading more. You found out things like your sister got married and Jason released three new songs recently. Your brother got accepted to a great college and something that saddened you a bit. Jason moved to California with Team Crafted. He said he wouldn't be there when you woke up, but would fly over just to see you. You were gonna read more letters when you heard a familiar voice.

"Where is she?"

"Out of the way! I want to see her." Your sister pushed past the nurse and looked at you.

"Y-Y/N? You're awake!" She threw her arms around you, hugging you.

Your parents walked in, smiling. “Oh sweetheart you’re awake!” Your mother exclaimed, carressing your cheek.

“I have to tell Jason that you’re awake!” Your sister squealed, pulling out her phone. Your dad groaned, signaling that he didn’t want this Jason around you. You laughed lightly.

You looked over to your sister and she was holding the phone far away from her face. You could slightly hear screaming. The screaming stopped and she held the phone back to her ear.

“Well you’re excited,” She said. She kept talking to Jason a bit longer. She sighed sadly, “Alright.. I’ll tell her.” Your sister hung up the phone and turned to you, sitting on the space next to you.

“Jason can’t make it to see you. He’s really busy and he has to meet up with family. I’m sorry.” Your smile slowly faded.

“I-It’s alright.” You looked down at the letters Jason sent you and you smiled softly.

“She can be released tomorrow,” The nurse said, holding her clipboard.

“Alright, sweetheart, I’ll see you tomorrow.” My mom kissed my forehead and started leaving, with my dad then my sister following behind.


~Next day :P~


I was walking home with my sister, and we were simply talking.

“So, are you married to that Bredon guy?”

“Yup!” Your sister smiled brightly.

You sighed softly, knowing that you weren’t gonna be able to see Jason for a while.

“What’s wrong?” Your sister asked. You shrugged your shoulders.

“Just.. Stuff.”

“What kind of stuff?”

You looked up at her, “Jason stuff.” She made an ‘oh’ face and kept on with the walk.


~Time skip to Christmas!~


You smiled, being surrounded by your family. You all exchanged your gifts, and began opening them. After a couple minutes of finishing unwrapping all the presents, your sister handed you a small, beautifully wrapped box.

“This last one is for you, it’s from you-know-who.” She made a funny winky face and you took the box. You slowly began opening it and the gift was amazing. It was a locket. You opened it up and read the words, ‘I want you to never want to let go of what the future holds for you. Thank you for being there for me, Y/N.’

You smiled, and put the locket on.


~Skip a couple days~


It was now New Year’s Eve. You stood up next to your sister, surrounded by other family members, and watched the tv. The countdown already started.

‘20! 19! 18!...’

You felt someone grab your shoulder and you turn around.

“Jason?” You ask.

‘15! 14! 13!...’

“I finally came to see you, and just in time for the new year.” Jason smiled.

‘10! 9! 8!...’

“There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you, Y/N.”

‘5! 4! 3!...’

“I love you Y/N, I’ve always have.”

‘2! 1! Happy New Years!’

You smiled and grabbed Jason’s collar, pulling him in for a kiss. You pulled away, smiling.

“Happy New Years, Jason.” You said, staring into his eyes.

“Happy New Years, Y/N.” He smiled, and rested his forehead on yours.


Bad things may happen.. But better things are soon to come. Happy New Years everyone c:

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